Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus

Campus Highlights

Explore our modern campus equipped with top-notch facilities, including advanced libraries, cutting-edge laboratories, and extensive sports complexes.

Witness our students' exceptional achievements, from academic awards to groundbreaking research. Engage in vibrant campus events, from stimulating workshops to enriching cultural festivals.

Academic Programs

Discover a diverse range of academic programs tailored to your interests and career aspirations. Choose from a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs, each offering specialized tracks to suit your passions.

Our esteemed faculty members are experts in their fields, committed to nurturing your potential. Join us on an exciting journey of academic excellence.

Campus Services

Experience an enriching campus life filled with opportunities for personal growth and development. Immerse yourself in student organizations, clubs, and societies to find your community and express your passions.

Our comprehensive student services provide support in housing, career planning, health, and academics, ensuring your well-being and success throughout your journey with us.



Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology (B.. Duration: 4 years Faculty: Education


The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) aims at educating .. Duration: 4 years Faculty: Management

B.Ed. Math

B.Ed. is a four year course developed by Tribhuvan University (T.. Duration: 4 years Faculty: Education

B.Ed Nepali

B.Ed. is a four year course developed by Tribhuvan University (T.. Duration: 4 years Faculty: Education


MA Nepali or Master in Nepali is a two-year, four-semester progr.. Duration: 2 years Faculty: Arts


Master of Business Studies or MBS is a two year (four semester) .. Duration: 2 years Faculty: Management

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News & Events

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Bridge the Mind; Get Ready for Change: A Motivational Program

  विभिन्न विद्यालयबाट एसइ परीक्षा दिएर बसेका विद्यार्थीहरूका लागि आदिकवि भानुभक्त क्याम्पसमा बिहिबार उत्प्रेरणा कार्यक्रम, Bridge th..

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विज्ञान शिक्षा विषयको पाठ्यक्रमको समीक्षा

त्रि वि, महेन्द्र रत्न क्याम्पसका उपप्राध्यापक तथा त्रि वि विज्ञान तथा वातावरण शिक्षा विषय समितिका सदस्य पारसमणि घिमिरेको सहजीकरणमा आज २०८..

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लेखापढी सम्बन्धी पाठ्यक्रमको तयारी

नेपाली विभागको बैठक आज साँझ ५ बजे सम्पन्न भएको छ। बैठक नेपाली विभागका प्रमुख उपप्राध्यापक डा सुशीलप्रसाद वाग्लेको अध्यक्षतामा भएको थियो। ब..

Teaching Staffs

Asso. Prof., Maha Prasad Hadkhale
M.A., B.Ed.

Campus Chief

Asso. Prof., Dr. Ram Kumar Adhikari
Ph.D., MA, M.Ed.

Asst. Campus Chief

Asso. Prof., Sagar Poudel
M.Phil, M.Ed.

Asst. Campus Chief / RMC Coordinator

Bishweshwor Timalsena


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