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Welcome to the dedicated page for the "Mission 2081/082 for Progress and Persistance: A Faculty Analysis of Student Admission, Dropout, and Result Program-2081" presentations. This initiative by Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus aims to improve student outcomes and enhance teaching effectiveness through a thorough analysis of admissions, dropouts, academic results, and teaching methodologies.

About the Program

Over two days, 6th and 7th Asar 2081, our esteemed faculty members presented their analyses, findings, and recommendations regarding the academic year 2080-2081. This platform provides access to the insightful presentations that were part of this significant event.

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Highlights of the Presentations

  • Student Admissions Analysis: Examination of admission trends and strategies to enhance enrollment.
  • Dropout Rates Study: Identification of factors contributing to student dropouts and potential solutions.
  • Academic Performance: Detailed analysis of annual exam results and subject-wise performance.
  • Teaching Methods and Materials: Evaluation of teaching approaches and resources used.

Expert Evaluator: Professor Dr. Pradeep Chandra Gautam

Professor Dr. Pradip Chandra Gautam, our esteemed expert evaluator, played a crucial role in assessing and providing feedback on the presentations and analyses during Mission 2081/082. His expertise and guidance have been instrumental in driving the quality enhancement efforts at Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus.


We extend our gratitude to all participating professors for their detailed analyses and thoughtful recommendations. Their contributions are pivotal to the continuous improvement of our academic environment.



Thank you for your interest and support in making Aadikavi Bhanubhakta Campus a center of educational excellence.